Empowering children and families locally and Internationally

Teaching Specifically With Purpose. Learning Uniquely With Promise.

About Us

Loving, protecting, nurturing, teaching, and mentoring whether hourly or their lifetime.

Cultured Pearls 24 Hour Childcare & Children's Home

Our mission is to provide quality childcare or aftercare to families with conventional and unconventional work schedules also stable residence for those experiencing abuse; abandonment; underage parenting; separation; placement issues and death of family.

We teach in Classical and Traditional styles from Pre K3 -8th thenTechnical and College Preparatory.

Pearls Life Preparatory Academy

Our mission is to empower extraordinary students who struggle with Learning Disability; Dyslexia; EMD; SED; ADD; ADHD; or Unlearned to function with excellence and dignity by providing curriculum focused on self- sufficiency, career advancement, and entrepreneurship.


Other Services

We're  focused  on making our children,  families, communities, and the world a better place. Providing Homeschool Sponsorship, Tutoring, Mentoring, Adult Literacy Programs, Food and Clothing assistance, and Ex Offender Re- entry Programs